9 Great Vitamin B2 Health Benefits

vitamin b2 health benefits

Vitamin B2 health benefits are a virtual laundry list of all of the body, skin, weight loss, and mental health benefits that riboflavin, or vitamin B2, can brag about. Riboflavin does a great deal of good for your skin, digestive tract, eyes, and to assist your body in metabolizing other vitamins.  One of the most well known vitamin B2 health benefits is the role that it plays as an energy booster.

Riboflavin is responsible for maintaining the integrity of your mucous membranes. It reduces the severity and frequency of migraines in people who treat them with riboflavin. Riboflavin actually kills bloodborne pathogens without damaging the red blood cells. It also reduces clinical and postpartum depression, and it regulates your body’s thyroid activity.

Here Are 9 Vitamin B2 Health Benefits

Riboflavin health benefits are plain to see no matter which part of your body you’re looking at. It prevents bone loss. It helps your body to metabolize vitamins B3, B6, B9, and B12. Vitamin B2 health benefits include more serious matters such as providing relief from nervous system conditions like numbness and overall anxiety.

Riboflavin has also been shown to minimize the effects of carcinogens, the cancer-causing elements we see daily, and reduce their impact on your body.  Vitamin B2 benefits also include enhancing your body’s natural immune system, and it is helpful in treating both anemia and sickle cell anemia.

Vitamin B2 Has Antioxidant Properties

One of the amazing things about riboflavin is that it is a vitamin that acts as an antioxidant in your body. It prevents heart disease and cancer in your body by doing just that antioxidant work. Without riboflavin, your body couldn’t form red blood cells and antibodies. That makes riboflavin an absolute essential choice in your immune system and cardiovascular system.

Vitamin B2 health benefits are far reaching and they show from your skin to your heart.  There is no part of your body that isn’t covered by the riboflavin health benefits that vitamin B2 provides. Riboflavin is so hard working, it actually repairs tissues and ensures that any wound or injury that you have begins healing.

Riboflavin Protects Your Body From Invading Pathogens

Riboflavin benefits for the body include maintaining and protecting your mucous membranes, and those are how your body prevents pathogens from entering.  There is no way you could remain healthy without the formation of your mucous membranes. Because riboflavin is so vital in their formation, a lack of vitamin B2 could be seriously detrimental to your overall wellness.

Riboflavin is a pretty amazing vitamin because it not only gives your body the ability to build defenses, it also works to destroy any threats that bypass your body’s defenses. It has also been shown that irradiating whole blood supply with riboflavin kills off bacteria, viruses, and parasites. So while riboflavin helps to build your mucous membranes for prevention, it is also working hard on the other side to stand guard for your health.

Riboflavin Benefits for the Skin

Like most of the B vitamins, riboflavin benefits for the skin are visible because of an acne free and glowing complexion. The vitamin B2 health benefits are more than just an acne fighting super vitamin, they also ensure that you are able to fight off dermatitis and eczema. You couldn’t have a nice complexion without having your daily dose of riboflavin.

In addition, riboflavin benefits for the skin are shown in the way that it maintains your collagen levels. Collagen lends youthful structure to your skin. It prevents wrinkles and fine lines. Collagen is well known for preventing premature aging. Riboflavin helps your body retain the collagen that makes your skin, hair and nails look young and vibrant.

Without the cancer fighting benefits of vitamin B2 in your body, it is certain that more skin cancer would be occurring simply by our normal trips outdoors every day. Vitamin B2 health benefits ensure that we can be outdoors and still maintain a healthy skin tone and texture.

Vitamin B2 health benefits for the skin aren’t limited solely to your complexion. With the combined immunity work that riboflavin performs in your body and skin, it also helps with healing canker sores much more quickly than those not treated with high riboflavin levels. Most any skin malady that can come your way can have shortened recovery time or be prevented by the benefits of riboflavin for your skin. 

Vitamin B2 Weight Loss Benefits

Vitamin B2 weight loss benefits are naturally occurring because riboflavin assists in metabolising your fat, carbs, and protein from your food. Everything you eat starts to be broken down by riboflavin and turned from those fat, carbs and protein into your body’s energy stores.

Vitamin B2 health benefits also include regulating the activity of your thyroid.  Without proper thyroid functions, it would be impossible to lose weight.

Vitamin B2 weight loss benefits are visible because of the way that it helps your body create and store your energy. On the mornings that you feel the extra pep in your step, that is due to the riboflavin working in your body. By helping to absorb your other B vitamins, riboflavin also ensures that every bit of your energy for exercising and daily activity is there when you need that boost.

By impacting your metabolism, vitamin B2 health benefits include the weight loss rate you develop when exercising or dieting.  Without riboflavin performing its’ job, your metabolism wouldn’t know when to buckle down and work harder to burn off those extra calories you consumed at lunch.

Riboflavin Is Fundamental To Healthy Babies

In addition to riboflavin assisting in absorbing iron and folic acid, it also ensures that proper growth of our cells is happening daily.  Without absorbing iron and folic acid, your body couldn’t grow a healthy baby because those are essential vitamins to a baby’s formation. Vitamin B2 health benefits ensure that you can grow a beautiful, healthy, thriving baby.

Because your baby gets its immune system from mom, the riboflavin in your body means that your healthy cells are passed along to your baby at birth.  By having riboflavin rich foods while you are expecting, you are giving your baby the gift of a healthy immune system.

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Riboflavin Is Really Rad

It is really vitamin B2 health benefits that are to thank for most every healthy cell in your body. From your glowing and healthy complexion, to your shining and bouncing hair, to the extra workout you were able to do last night, riboflavin is a true necessity. Yet, it also works behind the scenes in helping to fight off illnesses and cancer, and by ensuring that your body keeps pathogens out and fights the pathogens that slip through.

Preventing bone loss is another of the vitamin B2 health benefits that is key to our growth.  If riboflavin didn’t help us build and maintain a healthy bone structure, we couldn’t grow and thrive properly.  Riboflavin also ensures that our circulation and oxygenation is healthy by ensuring that our red blood cells are healthy and plentiful. 

Riboflavin Fights Off The Effects Of Aging

From your head to your toes you can see the benefits of vitamin B2, and that is because riboflavin helps with healthy eyes as well.  It prevents the risk of cataracts, and it also keeps your brain cells in order so that your optic nerve health is protected.  It would be difficult to see all of the great work riboflavin does without the benefit of riboflavin.

Vitamin B2 health benefits aren’t limited to building our bodies, though.  It works hard for you when it comes to healing you and helping to fight pain that you suffer from injuries also.  It has been shown to be a treatment for carpal tunnel pain along with vitamin B6.  It helps us to heal when we have injuries, and it ensures that your wounds heal quickly so that you don’t need to worry about the risk of infection from your injury.

In addition to protecting your eye health as you age and helping you to heal after injuries, vitamin B2 health benefits are visible in studies about bone density.  Because riboflavin helps to prevent bone loss, it also reduces the risk of bone fractures as you age.  Strong bones are important as you age because many seniors live alone, and a fall resulting in a fracture could actually prove to be fatal for a senior on their own.

Riboflavin Makes Growing Older Much Less Painful

Because of the amazing anti inflammatory qualities of riboflavin, you will feel less pain from inflamed joints as you age.  Arthritis is a chronic and often very painful condition for people to live with, and by reducing the inflammation of the joints, arthritic pain is minimized even as you age.

Colorectal cancer risks have been shown to be decreased with the vitamin B2 health benefits acquired by ingesting your riboflavin daily.  As you age, you run the risk of developing cancers such as colorectal cancer.  This is the reason you start regular screening for particular types of cancers once you are of a certain age.

Riboflavin Is Good For Your Mental Health

Your mental health has a great deal to thank riboflavin for as well.  Providing relief from nervous system conditions and assisting with anxiety and brain function is another big job of riboflavin.  You are able to maintain cognitive function and fight off the effects of Alzheimer’s disease thanks to riboflavin.  It doesn’t just maintain your mental health, it actually improves your cognitive functions to help you be sharper and able to focus.

You also can thank vitamin B2 health benefits for a migraine free day.  By keeping your energy metabolism in your brain functioning properly, riboflavin is warding off the migraine triggers that occur.  By keeping your brain cells from becoming hypersensitive to migraine triggers, your body is staying on course thanks to the work of riboflavin.

Chronic Conditions Are Made Tolerable With Riboflavin

In addition to lessening the effects of anemia and the fatigue that is a result of that chronic condition, riboflavin is also being used in the treatment of muscular dystrophy (MS). MS is a chronic condition that affects the brain and spinal cord, and often results in weakness, tingling and numbness in various limbs of your body. The progression of MS can be slowed and the painful effects eased by riboflavin supplements.

Lactic acidosis in those suffering with HIV and AIDS is another painful chronic condition. Oral supplementation of riboflavin early on is helpful in reducing the effects of lactic acidosis on your body. Certain cancers, such as liver cancer and cervical cancer are also being slowed in their growth by vitamin B2 being supplemented. 

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